Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

Respons To Child Dating Today

In my opinion dating way children today are very different from the children in the 80, because in ancient times to date only very unlikely because they are required to participate drudge work hard with parents to meet the needs of the economy. but in modern times the child of today is already allowed by his parents to a relationship even though the child is still in school. where the fault of parents who do not restrain the child so that the child could be a child who expected their parents.

besides that with the rapid technology makes the wild child in the association, so that the children have even more mired in it. started acquaintances through social networks, then took to make friends, and started there the love of the two sides are already inevitable, then they were going out without the knowledge of their parents.

therefore the attention and guidance of parents is very needed by the child. before they have a couple of parents should have advised them not to fall into the negative stuff because it can isolate them from society.

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